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Browse Injection Molding Machines; Sell/List Used Machinery; X. X Quote Request 1999 Cincinnati Milacron Powerline - 550 Ton. Full Name. Company. Telephone Number. Email Address. Comments. Send Inquiry. 1999 Cincinnati Milacron Powerline 550 Ton Powerline | 48 oz. Request Quote. General Specifications. Year: 1999: Brand: Cincinnati Milacron

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Current press sizes range from 15 ton to 1,414 ton (compression line) and 250 ton to 450 ton (injection line). Oil States Tulsa provides custom plastic and elastomer molded products, composite machined products and assemblies to oil and gas service companies, food and beverage companies as well as other companies in various related industries.

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Injection molding machine - Injection unit. Clamping unit. Prior to the injection of the molten plastic into the mold, the two halves of the mold must first be securely closed by the clamping unit. When the mold is attached to the injection molding machine, each half is fixed to a large plate, called a platen. The front half of the mold, called

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Currently we have 5 injection molding machines located in 2 shops. They include: VanDorn Int-Elect Model 165 Cincinatti Milacron 500 ton 48 oz. machine Cincinatti Milacron 500 ton 70 oz. machine Cincinatti Milacron 375 ton 48 oz. machine Toyo 330 ton 32 oz. machine Custom Molding: From start to finished product, we can handle your custom plastic part needs.

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SUZHOU COSTAR MACHINERY CO.,LIMITED . is an authorised company located in Suzhou city,the capital of china`s plastics machinery industry .suzhou also has an extensive sales netword based in the world.products include injection molding machines mold,blowing machine and auxiliary equipment

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Molding Equipment (3) Nissei 400 ton, 43oz. injection molding machines, 28.9×28.9 tie bar spacing (3) Nissei 300 ton, 30 oz. injection molding machines with microprocessor controls, core-pull and air eject (4) Nissei 235 ton, 22 oz. injection molding machines

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500 Ton Cincinnati Injection capacity - 54 oz. Platen size - 49" x 48" Distance between tie rods 34.3" x 34.3" (1) 500 Ton Cincinnati Injection capacity - 41 oz. Platen size - 48" x 48" Distance between tie rods 34.3" x 34.3" (1) 460 Ton Toshiba

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custom injection moulding We have 29 injection moulding presses ranging in size from 40 tons to 1750 tons. We can assist you with your part design, mould sourcing, material selection, part assembly, packaging, and your high volume production requirements.

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Plastic Molding Primary Machinery and Equipment . Mira Plastics owns and operates 18 fully equipped, toggle, thermoplastic, reciprocating screw, injection molding machines.The clamping force of these machines ranges from 60-1250 tons, with shot capacities ranging from 6

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American Radial Drill 48 Working Height. Cincinnati 16 Shaper. HEM-SAW Automatic Feed Cutoff Saw. Rockwell Cutoff Saw. CROB Vertical Band Saw. Econo-Blaster Model # SB-5 Sand Blaster (2) Sybron/Thermolyne Heat Treating Furnaces . Injection Molding Department Injection Molding Machines (21) 500 Ton Cincinnati. 150 Ton Cincinnati (2

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The injection molding process uses molds, typically made of steel or aluminum, as the custom tooling. The mold has many components, but can be split into two halves. Each half is attached inside the injection molding machine and the rear half is allowed to slide so that the mold can be opened and closed along the molds parting line .

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CUSTOM INJECTION MOLDING SINCE 1966 . Equipment. R.C. Plastics manufacturers with eight modern molding machines sized from 140 Ton to 500 Ton. 140 Ton 6 OZ Tie Bar 16 X 16. 170 Ton 14 OZ Tie Bar 20 X 20. 275 Ton 30 OZ Tie Bar 21 X 21. 300 Ton 30 OZ Tie Bar 25 ¼ X 25 ¼

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Nov 01, 2019 · Last Updated on April 23, 2020. The best way to figure out how much you can save with injection molding services over other manufacturing methods is to compute the cost per part. Although there are certain factors that can drive the cost of injection molding up or down, if you begin with the right formula to calculate the cost per part, you may be able to make adjustments that will lower that

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Applying years of manufacturing technology experience as molders and toolmakers gives us the firsthand knowledge of what it takes to be a best-in-class custom equipment technologies provider. Using our own manufacturing equipment in-house, we know just how to create and design scalable automation and multishot solutions that drive ROI for our

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Injection Molding machines - 55 to 400 ton BRAND TONNAGE SHOT SIZE OZ our - Vertical 55 3.2 CINCINNATI - Vertical 80 4.44 CINCINNATI CINCINNATI 85 85

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The desktop injection molding machines are small injection molding machines and will fit on top of a desk. It is better for smaller spaces and smaller runs of molds. The benchtop injection molding machine is a large stand-alone machine that needs more space to function but can do larger runs.

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The desktop injection molding machines are small injection molding machines and will fit on top of a desk. It is better for smaller spaces and smaller runs of molds. The benchtop injection molding machine is a large stand-alone machine that needs more space to function but can do larger runs.

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Cincinnati Milacron Model 375-48 (375) Ton Injection Molding Machine Clamp force- 375 US tons Toggle or hydraulic clamp mechanism- hydraulic Platen dimensions- 47.0 x 47.0 Distance between tie bars- 34.25 x 34.25 Daylight opening- maximum/minimum- 7.50/39.50 Shot size- 48 ounces Screw diameter- 3 1/4

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These machines can feature custom rotary dials or shuttles, upgraded hydraulic packages to increase speed along with custom mold size and platen requirements. We have designed custom vertical molding machines up to 300 tons. QSI has a full engineering staff that can help you design and develop custom machines for your new projects.

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2003 720 Ton Toshiba, 126 oz. Injection Molding Machine 2014 55 Ton Arburg, 1.65 oz. Vertical Injection Molding Machine 2000 3500 Ton Cincinnati, 540 oz. Injection Molding Machine

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Used injection molding equipment from PlastiWin at competitive prices to meet your budget. We buy, sell and ship used injection molding machines worldwide. We are specialists in plastic processing equipment offering a full range of equipment from size reduction through post-processing.

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Dealers and sellers of used injection molding machines. To sell or buy quality used machines for plastics industry including injection, blow molding , rotational moulding, film, pipe, tape and other extrusion lines write to us at [email protected] custom 48 ton injection moulding equipment .We also offer second hand, rebuilt thermoforming machinery, calendering plants, printing machine and other related auxiliary equipment.

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KD Capital specialize in buying and selling all CNC Plastic Machinery & Plastic Injection Molding Machines. Contact us today for free quote at 480-922-1674.

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530 ton plastic injection press machine Abu-Dhabi . Injection molding machine from 1000 t krauss maffei, husky, lg, italtech, negri bossi, bm biraghi, maico, engel, realpress. used injection moulding machine.injection moulding machines for general purpose.injection molding machine from 1000 t brandmodel clamping force shot weight (max) year; krauss maffeift mx h 25-16-10000: 1000 ton